The Story of our Terrain

The home of the Mission Beach Petanque Club.

Market-goers enjoy watching Petanque being played at the Terrain of the Mission Beach Petanque Club.

In The Beginning.

In 2012, a small number of players began meeting every weekend to play, mostly Sunday afternoons, at various park locations around Mission Beach.

By early 2013 however, everyone agreed that Day Park, North Mission Beach was their preferred playing area.

The location of the players preferred Terrain or playing area.

The Dream

Players shared a dream about a special playing surface in their preferred location.

Artist's impression of the dream playing area.

Turning A Dream Into Reality - "The Money Man"

Dreams are free but to materialise them costs money. Thankfully along came Community Development Officer Gordon Homer. Gordon was on secondment to our local Council from State Government to assist with Post-Cyclone (Yasi) community recovery. Gordon very kindly offered to make available special funding ($3,560.00)for the establishment of a new public Terrain.

The Money Man aka Gordon Homer - aka "G-Force".

Source of Funding

The special discretionary funding for post-cyclone community recovery projects such as the Terrain came about through a combination of Federal, State and Local Government funding.

Our sign for the Terrain acknowledging the special funding sources.


The special discretionary funding was only sufficient to purchase materials for the construction of the Terrain plus any signs. Forty cubic metres of special Mirriwinni decomposed granite gravel was obtained for the playing surface. Twelve tonnes of boulders were sourced for the landscaping and required border stabilisation. Eight cubic metres of mulch was also purchased.

Forty cubic metres of decomposed granite gravel.

Twelve tonnes of boulders.

Significant Contributions From The Community

The establishment of the new Terrain and graphic design for the signs would not have been possible without very special and significant donations from the local community.

The Mission Beach Petanque Club are particularly grateful to

  • Reef Coast Hire (Struan Alison) - earthworks
  • NQ Forestry Services (Ben Logan) - landscaping including timber benches
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Revegetation Nursery (Plants For Community Groups) - seedlings
  • Sal Badcock - graphic design - logo and signage.

    Struan (Reef Coast Hire) hard at work in the Bobcat laying the new surface.

    Ben's (NQ Forestry Services) wonderful timber benches.

    Seedlings from the Cassowary Coast Regional Council Revegetation Nursery's 'Plants For Community Groups Scheme'

    Sal's (Sal Badcock) clever "how to play" sign.

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    Mission Beach, Queensland, 4852
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    Mission Beach Petanque Club Inc
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