News and Announcements

November 18th - 19th 2023 Palm Cove Visit

The Palm Cove Petanque club will be paying a visit the weekend of November 18/19th. There are around 20 players expected. Keep the Saturday afternoon and evening free in your Agenda. We'll be playing and having a BBQ. More info soon on Facebook and in your inbox!

July 31st 2021

Our Petanque terrain is getting its necessary facelift. Read all about it here

March 18th 2020

We as a club would like to know if there is an interest in either or both of the following two events to be organised by our club. Please register your interest for these tournaments  by email or on Sundays on a sheet which will be available. N.B. Because of the current uncertainty due to the Corona Virus possible dates mentioned below can be postponed.

A single ladder competition.

Players will be ranked initially by the club. The players can then challenge the player above them and if he/she wins will switch places (the winner climbs the ladder by one spot, the loser drops one spot). These challenges can be played any time when both players agree on a day and time except for the Sunday afternoon  between 3 and 5 (Before that and after that make excellent times). For this competition to go ahead at least 10 players need to be available. Competition would take off in April maybe and run for about 2 months after which we will have a winner!

A Club Doubles Championship.

Players are invited to make up their own team. The tournament will be held on one day to be determined, probably around June so it could coincide wit the finish of the ladder competition (and we can crown a double and single champion). Expect to play a minimum of 3-4 games for the day and a maximum of 5-6 (if you make it all the way to the final) and will a start in the morning of around 9 - 10 am. For this club championship to take place a minimum of 8 double teams are required. Please indicate whether you prefer an open tournament (you can play with whoever you like) or a mixed doubles. (Teams need to be made up of a man and woman)