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Fanny's Are Funny - "until you have to kiss her!"

In a nutshell, lose a game without scoring i.e. 13 - 0 and you are obliged to participate in the ritual humiliation of kissing Fanny. You can learn more about the history behind the ritual here. Suffice to say that the Mission Beach Petanque Club have added their own embellishments to the ritual!

We commissioned our own carved Fanny; shown here proudly by Balinese craftsman Made.

'Ode to Fanny'

by kimbo (Mission Beach Petanque Club, 2013)

                            Come gather 'round friends be thee old or new
                            For a tale and its telling that is worthy and true
                            Of the maid known as Fanny who was friendly and fair
                            And a bar in Provence near an old village square
                            Where villagers met to chat while they drank
                            And brag of great victories in the game of Petanque

                            Now winners are grinners and losers are sore
                            And worst is to lose without gaining a score
                            So the beaten and humbled consolation they'd seek
                            By kissing sweet Fanny on each rosy cheek

                            Now the Mayor of the village was a man of no good
                            He'd feel up sweet Fanny whenever he could
                            Until came the day in Petanque he was thrashed
                            Thirteen zero the score his manly pride dashed
                            To the tavern he went consolation to seek
                            To kiss sweet Fanny on each rosy cheek

                            Fanny saw her chance to add to his hurt
                            She stood on a stool and lifted her skirt
                            She said "Mr Mayor my revenge at last
                            and now Mr Mayor you can kiss my arse!"

                            From that day on a tradition began
                            In honour of Fanny standing up to the man
                            Now winners and grinners and losers are sore
                            And worst is to lose without gaining a score
                            So now all you losers your time has come
                            To line up to kiss our sweet Fanny's bum!

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Up close and personal with Fanny

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